My name is Egle and I am the hands and mind behind Egle Silko Jewelry. 

The story of my brand started in Copenhagen in 2015, where I finished my education in experimental and contemporary jewelry at the Institute of Precious Metals. Inspiring environment of Copenhagen rich in design and architecture has shaped and influenced my work, and in 2017 I established my brand Egle Silko Jewelry. 

During my education I have tried different crafts as textile, glass blowing, woodbending etc., but I enjoy jewelry making the most because of its special qualities - being so intimately close to human body as well as being a strong statement for the outside world while being worn. 

I withdraw my inspirations from the intriguing qualities and limitations of the metals like sterling silver and gold. The flame of the torch becomes the pen, preserving the shape of the metal in that particular moment. The pressure on the metals creates the cracks, incapsulating the memory of the process. 

The important part is the endless possibilities of wearability. When cooperating with the human body, jewelry becomes a statement piece expressing personal identity and individuality. It opens a conversation with the outside world. 

Jewelry making for me it's a never ending exploration of the materials and the human body. 

I hope you will enjoy wearing my pieces of jewelry as much as I enjoy making them! 

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