Jewelry care

In order to prolong the life and desired look of your jewelry  I recommend to follow these guidlines on how to take care of it. 

- Take your jewelry off in situations where it can get scratched or damaged (f.e. physical work, household work activities, during sport sessions).

- Avoid contact with water and chemical products such as swimming pools, hot tubes, shampoos, parfumes, lotions. 

- Store your jewelry in a dry place. Best is to use air-tight bags that prevent your jewelry from getting in contact with an air, which makes metal turn darker and less shiny. 

- Separate your jewelry made from different metals. If put together it might affect its color. 

- Clean and polish your jewelry regularly. 

All my handmade jewelry is made from sterling silver 925 or gold. I highlight separate care suggestions depending on the metal and technique that was used in the creation process. 

Oxidised sterling silver 

This technique gives sterling silver a dark, antique, more in depth charm. The effect is temporary and fades away through time, depending on the frequency a ring is worn. In order to keep the effect longer the same jewelry care suggestions apply as mentioned above. 

If you wish to reapply the dark mood on your piece, I suggest to write me an email to and it will be done free of charge.

Gold plated sterling silver

During this method a thin gold metal layer is applied on a surface of a piece of jewelry made from sterling silver. As time passes, the layer gradually gets thinner and the color slowly wears off. In order to get the look back I recommend to reapply gold-plated layer. 

Happy long wearing!